Made Seamless and Profitable
Carrier Services

Meet the Demand for Carrier Services with Seamless, Profitable Solutions

The demand for Carrier Services is booming. Are you keeping pace and answering the call?

TelAgility provides resellers with a simplified solution to meeting end-customers’ needs, offering a diverse portfolio of leading Carrier Services including termination, origination, Direct Inbound Dialing (DID), E911 and Local Number Portability (LNP) from tier one carriers, all aggregated in one easy-to-manage platform.

TelAgility empowers resellers to realize new profitable opportunities in the Carrier market, quickly, seamlessly and with minimal risk. Leveraging one platform, you manage and own the sales prospect, process and outcome, enabling you to build long-term relationships and recurring revenue from a growing Carrier Services customer base.

TelAgility makes it possible for resellers to offer their customers immediate access to leading Carriers and their world-class solutions, while providing them with one point of contact for billing, 24/7/365 technical support and dispute resolution. Meanwhile, resellers are free to prospect, manage and grow new revenue streams without convoluted partner relationships and intricate payout plans that distract from their core business.

Nationwide VoIP, 9-1-1 and SMS Network

We provide you access to a nationwide VoIP network for voice, 9-1-1 and SMS – the same network powering leading brands like Google, Windstream and Skype. This minimizes dependencies on third parties so you benefit for lower costs, with more flexibility and control.

With TelAgility, resellers can successfully develop a comprehensive and
sustainable Carrier services offering that includes:

  • Advanced E911 and 411 Operator Services
  • Every DID includes E911
  • Inbound Caller ID and Location
  • Inbound Caller ID and Location
  • Real Time Tracking Diagnostics
  • Largest pool of DID’s and 800 numbers

Maximum Profitability with Minimum Risk

TelAgility’s billing solution removes the tax, reporting and regulatory entanglements of growing your Carrier Services business. Our automated FCC-certified tax and billing solution streamlines all licensing, support, services and access requirements, and comes at no additional fee.

With TelAgility, resellers can sell Carrier Services seamlessly, efficiently and profitably, developing an exciting new revenue stream, while realizing instantaneous and recurring commissions.